014 - Warning! This could change your life!

Join the conversation between Christopher Harrington and me. He is a teacher of the breathing technique and the cold water therapy by the "Iceman" Wim Hof. While dealing with a deep depression and severe poverty just a few years ago, some things including meeting and learning from Wim Hof completely changed Christopher's life.

What can the Wim-Hof-technique do for you? It looks like you are just about to find out. You are only one click away.

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013 - The Easter episode of the GO VERTICAL RAW podcast is super special for me. For the first time I recorded a conversation with one of the athletes I train with. The 15-year-old greek javelin thrower Konstantinos Stapatoris joined my training system in fall 2018. Since then he developed a lot in terms of athletic performance but the most massive achievements were made in terms of mindset.

We spoke about how important goals and imagination are for having a shot at a professional career as an athlete. The episode has the title "Fake It Until You Make It".
Find out about how we got to this title and a lot more on the following links

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012 - I met him through podcasting, we exchanged a lot of thoughts and became friends really quick. On my 12th episode I spoke to Dean Allen who lives in London and works as a paramedic in the City.

What started as an exchange of two very different paradigms, turned out to be one of the best conversations I have ever had. Dean is an amazing storyteller and it felt like time absolutely flew by.

This episode makes it a dozen and this time we have an XXL-length episode for my listeners. Spread positivity and have fun listening to it!

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011 - Let's kick off Season Two of the GO VERTICAL RAW podcast with a very personal episode. I interviewed someone who is very close to me for a few years now. Once I was his coach and now he is one of my main assistant coaches for track and field and the core of the psychological part of my training system.

This weeks guest is my dear friend Maximilian Borowy. A mental beast and the best sports pyschologist I have ever met in my life. We spoke all things track, about differences between team and individual sports, about his own goals and a lot of other stuff. Do not miss this episode.

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010 - I want to say thank you to Ishmael Fontaine, Kellen Milad, Heather Kleinschmidt, Harold Haskin, Niels Duinker, Michael Birkenhagen, Arvind Achal, Sol Krieger Eagle Road and Vishal Hemrajani. It was a pleasuer to talk to all of you and for my 10th episode I made a special that featured all of you.

Another big thank you to all of my listeners. For the ones that are here from the beginning this is a great recap to listen to the best parts of my podcast again. For the new ones this is a great overview to look what could be the next episode to listen to.

I will make 100 episodes for you! Thank you! Enjoy the show!

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009 - It is always good to look into other fields. Most professional sportsmen from different subjects have more in common than what seperates them from each other. On today's show I have a guest, who can give insights out of 2 different sports. Vishal Hemrajani played high level Cricket in India, where this sport is a really big deal. Later he put his focus on the asian martial arts Wing Chun, where he met some of the most famous practitioners on the planet.

His third "sport" is the business world. In a long way through failures and Ah-ha-moments he delievered there as well. We spoke about all of the things: Wing Chun, cricket, business, self-development. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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008 - I created the GO VERTICAL RAW podcast to cover everything that is important outside the box of the actual athletic performance training concept GO VERTICAL. I think self-development is the essence of being successful. If you agree with that you will love my new episode with Sol Eagle Road.

The english second language teacher who is currently based in Kanuma City, Japan, spent time in China and in 5 different states in the USA. He experienced a lot of different cultures and always puts himself into something new. Being a photographer, a computer expert, a cross country runner and a multiple language teacher in Asia you can talk to him about basically everything.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to have him on my show.

The episode is up on iTunes and Spotify. As always you can use Shoutengine to listen to it in a web-browser.

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007 - I had the pleasure to talk to Arvind Achal. He is a renown expert in the law of attraction and he explained it in a very appliable way for everyone.

He is also a sports & business program presenter on All India Radio, keynote speaker, business expert and CEO of his own company Live Life XXXL.

We also covered the self-actualization of women and how a positive mindset is key to succeed in sport.

Meet Arvind through one of the following links.

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006 - This week it's all about basketball again. I talk to Michael Birkenhagen, a young player from Germany who is currently competing in US-College-basketball in his junior year at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix.

While growing up in Germany he found out that it is a difficult envorinment for improving in Basketball as a young kid trying to be the best player possible. Michael left all of it behind, packed his bags and went into an absolutely new adventure. We talk about the differences between Germany and the United States in terms of basketball, how the US-College players become the tremendous athletes they are and about what has to change in Germany to create better youth players outside of the States.

Join the conversation through one of the following links.

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005 - How do you become one of the best in the world at something? Today you can listen to my conversation with Niels Duinker, the 7 time world record holder in several juggling patterns. Born in the Netherlands he came a long way to truly fulfill his childhood dream of being a famous artist. He now has his own show in the USA and is also hosting shows on cruise ships, big events, famous circusses and a lot of other venues.

He is an excellent example for mindset, self-development and living your dream. Niels made a lot of great experiences during his journey and we had a lot of fun talking to each other.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Listen to the episode on iTunes, Spotify or in your web-browser.

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004 - Over 10 Years of experience in athletic performance coaching in L.A. is what Harold Haskin shares with me on my fourth episode of GO VERTICAL RAW. We talk about the newest ideas on how to jump higher and about some lessons he learned during his life.

The strength and conditioning specialist recently moved over to Costa Rica, where he started a completely new chapter of his life. Find out about why he did that, what new insights he got from this so far and what he expects about the future.

The Episode is now available on iTunes and on Spotify. You can also listen to it in your browser with the ShoutEngine link. Enjoy the show!

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003 - Believe in yourself and work with what you have is one of the key advices of this weeks guest Heather Kleinschmidt.
Being a professional dancer as a teenager, she now lives in New York City and works as a teambuilding expert for businesses. We talk about team sports, dance and the growth of every individual being. There is a lot of potential in improving your self-discipline and getting you to your very own success habits.

Meet the wonderful Heather and join our conversation in episode 3 of the Go Vertical Raw podcast.

Want to listen to it right now? - Click one of the following links.

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002 - Start with movement!

Episode 2 of the GO VERTICAL RAW podcast is now live. The journey of this weeks guest Kellen Milad was all about movement. All of our life should focus more on our playfulness and the exploration of our own movements. Humans are the most complex movers on this planet. Realizing this can help you to live a healthier and happier live and also reach a new level of sports performance.

Check out the great conversation and you are about to have a look way outside of the box!

The Episode is up on iTunes and on Spotify.

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If you don't have iTunes or Spotify, you can listen to the episode on my podcast hoster ShoutEngine on the following link: http://shoutengine.com/GoVerticalRaw/movement-parallels-life-72764


001 - The GO VERTICAL RAW podcast is out now!

For my episode NUMBER ONE I have a very special guest on the show. Ishmael Fontaine - Basketball Pro - 6“1 ½ tall - a tremendous athlete and a person with a deep love for the sport of basketball. He shared some of his stories during his career. We discussed the differences of basketball in the countries he played and what it takes to become a better player.

Give it a listen!

The Episode is up on iTunes and on Spotify.

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